Town of Monroe Updates Comprehensive Plan and Zoning in 2017:

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* When Town of Monroe held building moratorium to review Comprehensive Plan, hardship variance hearings for developers requesting exemption was followed by lawsuits by those denied.

* The Village of Kiryas Joel submitted petition to County to establish the "Town of North Monroe" which would include the Village of KJ as well as additional land some of which was included in annexation petitions. Residents and area Towns speak up and challenge the Village of Kiryas Joel's petition to annex 507 acres and 164 from the Town of Monroe

*Vote passes for the creation of the Town of Palm Tree. "The future Town of Palm Tree, approved by an overwhelming majority of Monroe voters in a referendum in November (2017), would take effect in 2020 under existing state law. A bill pending in Albany would allow the new Town of Palm Tree to come into existence next January instead of a year later as originally planned". For entire content of article: click here




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