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Monroe Landfill Closure

The Town of Monroe Landfill is an unlined municipal solid waste landfill which prior to 2007, was not closed or capped. In 1988, the DEC notified the Town of Monroe to either comply with new, stricter regulations or close their Landfill.

Simply put, to "close" a Landfill the Town of Monroe was required to conduct a closure investigation, including groundwater and other monitoring tests, and create a closure plan for the DEC to review and approve. Once the Town did this, construction could begin to "cap" the Landfill, put in place any other DEC directed containment measures, and follow a regular, mandated monitoring schedule to evaluate the containment.

(see Update section below on completed closure)

From 1988 to 2003, the Town of Monroe had not produced an acceptable closure plan or followed a regular, scheduled series of monitoring tests on groundwater contamination at the Landfill. Over the course of the past 15 years, the DEC has repeatedly not concurred with the conclusions made by the consultants hired by the Town of Monroe. Only recently, after public attention turned to the Henry Farms project, right next door to the Landfill, has the Town again begun discussions with the DEC regarding the Landfill closure.

During this time period the Town was considering converting the old Landfill to Athletic Ballfields for recreational use by town residents (update 2015: Town considered site for a Solar Farm).

The Preservation Collective was in contact with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and with the NYS and Orange County Departments of Health regarding public safety concerns.


2008:  Closure completed

2007:  In preparation of the landfill closure, material was stockpiled at the site.  Odor was unbearable for some nearby residents. The material is recycled, shredded construction and demolition debris from Talyor Recycling in Montgomery NY. 

May 2005: The Town Board makes Public Notice of Request for Bids for implementation of the Landfill Closure Plan that was accepted by the DEC last year.    

June 2004:  The Town Board announces that they will hold a special public meeting on July 12th to discuss the upcoming Landfill Closure.  They have invited a representative from DEC to attend in addition to the hired consultants that have been working on this Closure on behalf of the Town.  The Preservation Collective would urge any interested or concerned residents to attend this meeting on July 12th so you can get answers. 

April 2004:  The DEC has accepted the revised Closure Plan submitted by the Town of Monroe Consultants.

December 2003:
The DEC has requested the Town of Monroe to revise the Closure Plan they have submitted because it was lacking several components of required information. The Towns consultant, Sterling Environmental Engineer, came before the Town Board on December 15, 2003 to request additional funding from the Town to comply with the DEC's requirements. The Town Board passed a resolution to expend $25,000.00 at this time to fund Sterling's additional work to accomplish this.

Additional Information:
According to DEC, in 1987-1988 there were approximately 70-80 Landfills in Region 3 (including the Town of Monroe Landfill) that chose to close their Landfills when the tougher regulations came into effect. Within 5 years (by 1994) 95% of these other Landfills had completed the process of closing their Landfills.  After 15 years, the Town of Monroe has not finished this process

According to DEC, during the closure process followed by other Landfills, it was standard practice to conduct regularly scheduled water monitoring tests before, during and after the negotiations, approvals, and construction of their Landfill closures. The Town of Monroe has not followed a regularly scheduled monitoring schedule during the past 15 years. Only sporadic testing has been done, which the DEC has stated has left us without important historical testing data.

The Preservation Collective provided information to the DEC regarding the historical knowledge of past dumping practices at the Landfill, as well as the progress and plans of the Henry Farm Estates project that is located adjacent to the Landfill.  Since the Henry Farm project proposes to create a public drinking water supply from a well located in close proximity to the Landfill it is critical that this information be provided to the proper authorities. These are just some of the important factors which the DEC is considering while they evaluate the Town of Monroe's proposed Landfill Closure plans.

If you personally have any firsthand knowledge regarding the Town of Monroe Landfill, please contact us at or by phone at 845-469-1608. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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