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Overview of Development Projects in the Town of Chester

Planning Board meetings are the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Visit the Town of Chester's website for more information here.

List of Development Projects:

Here is a review of some of the housing projects planned in the Town/Village in the last several years:

Name Location Number of Units Notes
Meadow Hill Apts Rt 94 108 *
BT Holdings 17M 438 **
Chester Golf Laroe Rd 227 ***
Bellevale Lakes Rd 158 ****
Greens of Chester Rt 94 431
KB Laroe Laroe Rd 7
Laroe Estates Laroe Rd 9
Ridgeview Estate Laroe/Pond Rd 17
Eagle Crest Hambletonian Rd 26
Warwick Ridge Ridge Rd 15
Ashford Estates Surrey Meadows 20
The Hills of Chester Whispering Hills 19
Chesterdale/Mastrantoni Rt 94 10
Giuliana Estates Glenmere Rd 14
Wild Haven Bull Mill Road 8
Baroda Realty Black Meadow Rd 29
Woodridge Laroe Road 10
Ridge Road Kings Hwy/Ridge Rd 18 (revised to 10)
Meadow Hill Camp Monroe/Trout Brook Rd 3


* in Village - originally was to be 142 seniors units but claimed hardship

** Town approved annexation into Village - Village changes zoning to allow only 121 sf houses - in litigation

*** Proposal for homes no longer exist due to foreclosure and then purchase of property by the Open Space Institute in Dec 2014.

**** Proposal for homes was withdrawn in 2011 due to sale of the Camp Monroe commercial portion to new owners.

Parital lists only and subject to change based on approvals/revisions. All files can be viewed by the public at Town Hall.

The proposed re-development of Camp LaGuardia property is still unknown. Town changes zoning from Office Park to Industrial

List of some recent extensions of approvals: Hills of Chester, Ridgeview Estates, Ashford Estates, Chesterdale

List of some of other approvals (preliminary and/or final): Suresky parking facility, Woodridge, Primo Sports complex, Greens of Chester, O&R substation, KB Laroe, Wild Haven, Frozen Ropes, Laroe Estates, JED, Eagle Crest, Hills of Chester, Tetz Mining Expansion, Glenmere Bed & Breakfast Inn, Giuliana Estates, Warwick Ridge, and COACH USA. Meadow Hill in Village.

There are numerous other projects under review or approved under commercial or industrial such as: JED on Rt 17M, C&S Grocers on Elizabeth Dr, Hoferkamp in Sugar Loaf Hamlet, Korean Methodist Church on RT 17M, Barbone Brothers on Elkay, Tetz Mining Modification on RT 94, Glenmere B&B on Pine Hill Road, Unilock/Fresenius/Medical World/ Coach USA on RT 94 in Tetz Industrial Park, Silver Stream Winery on Lakes Road, Yeshiva Toras Chemed on RT 17M, 1414 Kings Highway, Community Products on Kings Highway, Conservo on Kings Highway, Hudson Valley Welding/Sapanaro in Sugar Loaf Industrial Park.

Between 2003-2010, approx. 120 homes/units were built in the Town.

Between 2011-2015, approx. 46 homes/units were built in the Town.

Map of Chester (opens in a new window) under construction.

Above is a map of the Town of Chester - (updated version coming soon...) - highlighted areas are parcels under review for development and/or recently approved projects.

Note, while the map of Chester is from the Town's Comprehensive Plan, the highlighted portions were made by The Preservation Collective by reviewing the various applications in the Town Files (at this time the map does not include projects in the Village).

Please feel free to go to the Chester Town Hall or Chester Village Hall and request to review the detailed maps and correspondence on any project.

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